time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: cOusin day :D

cOusin day :D

im a little bit bored so i taking pixCa ..
hehheehhe .. its my hobby ...
im using eyeliner n lipgloss only ...
im not a girl that know how to use make up ...
so sad right ?? hahaha :D

see sOme pic of mine ..
btw cut my hair ... but its only front hair ...
now my face look like nerd .. haha .. xD

after a while , decided to call my cousin ..
then we're taking pic together ..

helping her using eyeliner , but it looks a little bit messy .. coz me oso cant use it really well :D

this is my cousin ... visit her blog .. just click here xD

how do we look .. hehehe ... looks silly right ?
but kinda enjoyed it ...

yar .. sometimes it hate my cousin ...
but what can i do .. we're family ...
just need to let it go ..
but i her , she so cute ~ ngeee
btw jealouse of her body ~ so skinny .. hahhah :D

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