time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: The truth bout missy PurpLe

The truth bout missy PurpLe

Name Given : Nellyn Alicea Prestika Jacquelin Nayuh
Christian name : Natallie Charles. my papa Christian name is Charles.
Born on 15 august 1993 at hOspital Kudat.
want to be a phOtographer. but it just a dream. :(
i like to snap n editing pic. its my fav hobby.
im a PURPLRHOLIC. just love purple color so much. 
oso im a internet maniac. online like evereday. -.- so pity right. haha.
im a social awkward. dont really know what to say wif other ppl.
i have 3 sibling. 2 girls n 1 boy. im kinda the baby. im the last one. 
im not really nice. i try my best to be nice.
sorry if i hurt your feeling. dont really mean it. :]

P/s: dont mess wif me. when im mad things could get UGLY.
      i RESPECT u , when u RESPECT me