time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: am i ready ??

am i ready ??

i dont think that im ready for UITM ...
i may seem like adult ..
but i act like a baby .. haha !!

doesnt like to be away from family :(
beside that i do not like to be independent ..
me so pity right ?? haha ..
after all .. im afraid if i dont have friends ..
im not a girl that easy to fit in ...

but i just need to suck it ...
its better that stay at that miserable school !!
at UITM , i take Pentadbiran Awam ..
fuuuuuhhhh .. my family choose it for me ..
they says " this course easy to find jOb "
i fell nothing .. just follow they lead ...
coz they know so much than me ...
love my family !!! xOxO

teacher at school say " this course more like secretary job "
HECK NO ... just look at here ..
they think they know so much ...
just like what they did to Sharon dear , bout PLKN ...

that all im goint to write .
have a nice day :D

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