time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: Stupid Saturday -.-

Stupid Saturday -.-

Hurrgghhh. i kinda mad n sad right now.
i wanna go home this friday but my mummy didint want me to.
its not like she doesnt want me. please dont think neg ppl. :)
i say that i doesnt want to go kokum this Sat.
i really didnt want to go. btw theres a lot ppls that go home.
Mummy im begging. but she still didnt want.
she say "Hargailah peluang yg u ada, bkn smua urg dpt ne pluang"
but still i wanna go home. coz i didnt have the White Shirt.
btw they we're so mean. the guys n girls that teach us Kawad.
anyway. doesnt want to think bout that.
its only make me mad. its been like 1 weeks n 2 day.
im alone like not my family here. but so far so good.
cause got new friend. but i miss my dear Pet .
Miss u so much syg. btw im not LESS! OK.
i just love her. she a good friend

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