time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: SPA Interview.

SPA Interview.

Me. Taking pIc coz get bored waiting for my sis to pick me. ;(

My besties. Chelo <3. so long didnt see him. but the pic blur. ;(
but didnt take other pic coz she going home and my turn to interview.

02112011. i go to SPA Interview.
not really afraid n nervous.
but when my time, suddenly im nervous.

But when i see the ppl that interview me.
i didnt feel nervous, coz they not scary.
they smile. i guess. then the guys.
give me advise coz they know im going to uitm soon.
like 16.11. :P he didnt ask me any question.
but the women did ask me.
she ask me what The J.M jobs.
i tell her my answer. but she correct me.
coz my answer not really correct or incorrect ;)

After that. we went shopping.
i dont know if got the job.
but i'll find out in Des. :)

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