time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: unsure ♥

unsure ♥

kiss from me ~ ngeeee ♥
hey you. just want to say.
i kinda like you. i guess.
but its not gonna happen. it just cant.
we're friends. but not close. just friends.
you so flirty. haha. im happy when i chat wif u.
i know that u ody have nipengyou.
but its not like im gonna take u from u're gf.
its not like that at all. just like being u're friend.
its not like wo ai ni.
its just like you. coz u lenq zai. :P

like to see u face. but dont worry.
coz when i like ppl its not long. :P
but when u alone. not wif thw other guys.
u not a bad person. u kinda good. haha.
but its weird.
we only close(not that close) at fb.
weird right. haha.

Gonna sleep now. Wan an. exp fOr him ;)

p/s: if u know im talking bout who.
just keep it as a secret k. :)

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