time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: Owes in a Memories ♥

Owes in a Memories ♥

this is her named Jennifer ♥

this entry special fOr her.
dont really know this girl but she kind.
i dont know but maybe she n my bro are dating.
not so sure. but its a long time ago.
she pretty n nice. i meet her. but only one time.
we're dont really talk coz we're not close.
shes older one dear then me.

not that i want to tell.
that she DIED. i fell sad. idk.
even that we're not close.. i like her.
shes nice. feel sad that i know her died.
i know yesterday from her friends.
shes died coz she sick.
just text my bro n tell he.
idk if he already know.

even that i dont really know you.
but i know u're super nice n polite gurl.
owens gonna remember you sweety. ♥

idk why. but i fell so sad bout her.
im crying. so sad :(
rest in peace dear. ♥

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