time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: Baby oh Baby ♥

Baby oh Baby ♥

Right now babysitting my nephew.
acctually since last weeks ody.
monday - wed i babysit Nigeal.
now(thursday) babysit his bro Noweal.
huhu. so busy taking care of baby.
but they so cute. love them to DEATH.

Lets see some piC.

Nigeal Sezrone Teo ♥

Noweal Sezrone Teo ♥

and This is there AwesOme Jie2 xP ♥

Happy Thursday xD. Have a niCe day ♥


  1. so cute my bf tu babe <3
    mcm girly2 gaya dia :D
    for the last pic,jie2 or ayie oh? :D

  2. macam gegel kan. aiya. jie2 la ba. kaci muda sikit. haha. :D