time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: Shiawasena tanjō-bi no papa

Shiawasena tanjō-bi no papa

Shiawasena tanji-bi no papa.
i love u more than u know.
i miss u a lots. im sorry for everything.
im only a kid when this thing was happen.
im sorry for being a bad daughter.
im so sorry. i wish i had a time machine.
so i can undo the time and being a kid again.
so i can be a good kid even a great kid to you papa.
i fell like im the reason that u gone.
even that its no me. oh gosh.
i miss the time when we all together.
but its not gonna happen.
i just need to let it go n move on.
im not a kid forever. but i will never gonna forget u papa.
now its only memories n im going to treasure it.
i love u papa like so much. remember that okey.
i miss u. i hope u okey. still remember me ??
i hope u proud of me. do u ??
i know u want to see all u children sucess.
pray for me papa. one day ill make u proud.
now i grow so much. im already 18teen now not 10 anymore.
i just wish u we're here n everything will be like old time again.
one things. i love u n miss u papa ..
with love ~ xOxO papa ~

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  1. nellyn,be strong k~ god will stand by u forever~ god bless..