time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: Baby nerD ♥

Baby nerD ♥

adore this piC so much. this kid so cute. baby nerd ♥

im studying ~ a little bit. haha.
i guess nobody believe me. coz im so fuckin lazy.
im so lazy to go to school. haha.
what can i say ?? im tired of school.
ppl just cant shut they mouth. STUPID. -.-

anyway the real reason why im study.
is 2.11(wed) im interview SPA.
just now im scared coz my friends got hard quest.
hopefully i got easy quest. *finger cross*
dont really like to be a nurse.
but just want to study so i can answer the quest.
so i dont look like IDIOT if i cant answer the it.
hopefuLLy. do pray for me yar.

♥ xOxO ~ Miss NeLLyn ♥

do i look like nerd.? me think nOt. haha ♥

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