time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: UITM here i cOme

UITM here i cOme

its all bOut uitm ..
the other day im applying for UITM ...
just check the result .. u all want to know ...

after i know the result ...
im so freakin happy ... coz i get it ... :D
i got the Pentadbiran Awam course ...
i didnt really know what is " Pentadbiran Awan " ..
my mum & sista pick that course for me when im applying ..
then says " this course easy to find job " ..

for me ..
i dont really care ..
as long i can get my butt out from that scool ...
its not that i hate that schOOl ..
just that the student .. wakaka :P

but im sad .. because ...
my bFf nOt accepted to UITM ..
she was depressed .. coz she also want to get out from that schoOl ..
and she say " when i leave , she has no friend " ..
aw .. when i see that text .. i was sad .. :(
she suRe did tOUch my heart ..
we're really close .. where ever we go , we always together ..
im also gonna miss her so badly ...
coz she really understand me & know me ...

but , its not the end of the world ..
because the first week of oct ...
the second intake .. hopefully my dear ..
will get it .. finger cross ...
honestly , i can sUrvive without her .. :(

y0u are my best friend fOrever ..
ILY u sO much

dis is my bFf named Petronella E

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