time moving so fast. :(
A smile can change the world: happy mOther day'S

happy mOther day'S

happy mOther day's mUmmy ...
thanks fOr all the support ..
i'm sO sorry 4 everything that i dOne wrONg ..
and hUrt u're feeling mUm..

mUmmy :n:
thanks kerna udah jaga yen dri kecil hingga lar sekarang
thanks kerna sanggup melayan karenah yen ..
krna sanggup besabar dgn yen
kerna udah menyekOLah kn yEn ..
thanks 4 everything . i appericiate that sO much ..

jasa mu akan ku ingat selamanya ...
i really :n::n: muMMy ..
even that i didn't show that feeling ..
i LOVE mum tiLL the end oF my precious life ..

mummy ..
i LOVE u always mOther :m:

dis is mY beLOved mOther

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